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Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center

50 E. North Street

Buffalo, New York, 14203

Phone: 716-885-8318

Fax: 716-885-0229

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      Deaf Access Services

      Buffalo Hearing and Speech

      WNY Court Reporting Services

      Buffalo Club of the Deaf

      Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

      Disability Awareness Training

      United Way of Buffalo & Erie County

      National Center for the Deaf Health Research

  • Informational Links (Based off of resources given during a meeting)

      Traveling with Hearing Loss

  • Schools/Colleges/Universities

      St. Mary’s School for the Deaf

      Buffalo Hearing and Speech

      National Institute of Technology for the Deaf

      University at Buffalo ASL Club

      Niagara University ASL Program

      Rochester School for the Deaf

      University of Rochester ASL Program

      Gallaudet University

  • Job and Vocational Rehabilitation Resources

      NY Department of Labor - Universal Access


  • Additional Resources

      Alexander Graham Bell Association

      Auditory-Verbal International Inc.

      Deaf Linx

      Deaf Websites

      Educational Audiology Association

      National Association of the Deaf

      The Say What Club

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