~ Buffalo Implant Group ~

What We Do

We host quarterly meetings throughout the year which consists of social and informative meetings. Of the four meetings, one is consist of our Annual Summer Picnic at Westwood Park in Lancaster, NY.  The Summer Picnic is a great way to meet and greet those who have cochlear implants and their families.

With the help and assistance of our members and non-members alike, we are able to share personal stories of their hearing loss journey leading up to the big decision to finally get a cochlear implant.  It doesn’t stop there, we also provide ongoing support.

We also produce Newsletters which comprise of personal stories, advice, inspirationals, thanks, tips and insights.  It’s a great resource to have!

Our members are more than open to share with you their experiences.  Some have even gone as far to helping another member get to and from the hospital for their surgery into forming lasting friendships.

We are here to offer our support for those who are seeking more information about cochlear implant technology as well as BAHA.

We offer a scholarship to eligible students. Please click here to see more information.